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CHATTEM INC is an established provider of medical supplies for both commercial and personal use. We believe that by delivering exceptional quality, lasting value and solving medical needs for customers internationally they will improve the quality of life for the world.

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Aspercreme Creme with Lidocaine, 4.7 oz CHATTEM INC View
Aspercreme No Mess Roll-On with Lidocaine, 2.5 fl. oz. CHATTEM INC View
Aspercreme with Lidocaine Patch, 5 ct. CHATTEM INC View
Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Eczema Lotion, 3.5 oz - REPLACES CHA041167033108 CHATTEM INC View
Gold Bond Diabetic Skin Relief Foot Cream - REPLACES CHA05400 CHATTEM INC View
Gold Bond Diabetics' Dry Skin Body Lotion - REPLACES CHA05350 CHATTEM INC View
Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Skin Therapy Cream, 8 oz - REPLACES CHA05075 CHATTEM INC View
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion, 14 oz - REPLACES CHA04116706651 CHATTEM INC View
Icy Hot Back Patch, X-Large - REPLACES CHA04116700847 CHATTEM INC View
Icy Hot Patch - REPLACES CHA04116700841 CHATTEM INC View
Unisom SleepTabs, 48 ct - REPLACES CHA04116700623 CHATTEM INC View
Xyzal 24 Hour Allergy Medicine, 35 ct - REPLACES CHA041167351017 CHATTEM INC View