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Hollister New Image® Two-Piece Drainable Mini Pouch, 2-3/4" Flange, Filter, 7" L, Integrated Closure, Beige 5018284
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Hollister New Image® Two-Piece Drainable Mini Pouch, 2-3/4" Flange, Filter, 7" L, Integrated Closure, Beige

Model Number

Pcs: Two

Type: Drainable 

Flange: 2-3/4"

Size: 7" L, Mini

Filter: AF300 Filter

Closure: Lock N Roll® Microseal Closure

Backing: Two-Sided ComfortWear Panels

Color: Beige

Belt Tabs: Yes

Hollister New Image® Lock N Roll® Drainable Mini Pouch - beige features comfortwear panels which provide a soft, cloth-like, fabric-type covering between the pouch and the skin and is very comfortable against the skin. The unique integrated closure system provides security and confidence through state-of-the-art plastic fasteners that lock into place when they are squeezed together. It is easy to close, empty and clean.

  • Easy to close-simply roll it three times in the same direction, press from the middle out and feel the seal. Simple for all drainable pouch users including those with vision and dexterity problems.
  • Easy to empty-lightly pinch the sides of the leak-proof outlet for easy control of content flow. Firm reinforcing strips shut as soon as you stop pinching. Simple to control the content flow from the pouch.
  • Easy to clean-simply clean the inside of the pouch tail by wiping it with a damp tissue.
  • Plastic belt tabs permit easy attachment of a belt to the pouch for additional security.
  • Odor-barrier rustle-free film.

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New Image 2-Piece Mini Drainable Pouch 2-3/4", Lock N Roll, Beige
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Units per box: 20
9.5 X 6.6 X 2.5Inch
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New Image Two-piece Drainable Pouch with Integrated AF300 Filter, Two Sided ComfortWear Panel and Lock N Roll Microseal Closure 2-3/4" Flange, 7" L, M
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